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Feb 1, 2013 4:00am PST
to miss. and is former president clinton teaming up with sylvester stallone? details coming up. >>> now to some other stories that caught our eye this morning. we begin in indiana and pennsylvania where snowy conditions proved dangerous for drivers. road closures and multicar pileups plagued commuters while low visibility claims two lives in detroit and injured others. >>> now to philadelphia where a scary tumble was caught on security cameras. the man was seen stumbling before he loses his balance and falls over the train platform. others helped to the man up. fortunately no trains were coming at that time. >>> next to virginia will radford college students woke up to a nasty surprise when they discovered their cars were flooded. school officials say water from a nearby dam was released safer midnight and the university made announcements and went door to door to warn students. but not everyone evidently got the message and students whose cars were flooded out say they never heard any warnings. >> in nebraska a very special birthday for the zoo's newest additions. five lion cubs are on
Feb 21, 2013 4:00am PST
. >>> just ahead, action star sylvester stallone comes clean about his secret fears. >>> plus, the latest on this winter storm that could drop two feet of snow in some areas. we're back after these quick messages. >>> welcome back to "early today." bundle up today in southern california with temperatures in the upper 30s to lower 40s. windchills in the 30s today. it will be a struggle with a decent amount of sunshine this afternoon, highs in the upper 50s near vegas and san francisco. sacramento, same for you. the northwest seeing light rain today moving in. we'll continue with a little better chance of maybe more amounts up to half an inch to quarter inch throughout friday. a little rainy and wet in the northwest, but chilly in almost all areas. >> thank you so much, bill. >>> it's time for entertainment. which big action star is afraid of heights? it's not schwarzenegger, it's not willis, but stallone, the star of "cliffhanger." in a recent interview, the film's director outed stallone's fears quoting the actor saying, the highest i'll go is the heel of my cowboy boots. he had to slowly
Feb 21, 2013 2:00am PST
. >> thanks so much, bill. >>> coming up -- your entertainment news. sylvester stallone comes clean about his secret fears. we'll tell you watch what they are. you're watching "first look" on msnbc. no two people have the same financial goals. pnc works with you to understand yours and help plan for your retirement. visit a branch or call now for your personal retirement review. many cereals say they're good for your heart, but did you know there's a cereal that's recommended by doctors? it's post shredded wheat. recommended by nine out of ten doctors to help reduce the risk of heart disease. post shredded wheat is made with only one ingredient: one hundred percent whole grain wheat, with no added sugar or salt. try adding fruit for more health benefits and more taste in your bowl. it's the ideal way to start your heart healthy day. try post shredded wheat. this has been medifacts for post shredded wheat. full of beautiful highlights and lowlights. that's why nice'n easy builds dimension into every shade. so here's a challenge: love the gorgeous dimension of nice'n easy or we'll pay for a sal
Feb 1, 2013 4:30am EST
close game or he could be a hungry bear. >>> what does bill clinton, magic mike, sylvester stallone and bruce willis all have in common? we'll have the answer coming up next when "early today" returns. >>> i want to take you through the weekend forecast. we are going to have areas of snow, you'll be cold today right through the weekend. it includes the northern plains and great lakes especially. great weather with temperatures mild in the rockies all the way to texas. even florida is going to be okay. a bit chillier than lately. the snow with the lake-effect snow, the clipper system dies down on saturday. from chicago, minneapolis, ohio valley, and super bowl sunday, the areas of the east coast, a chance of snow. >>> this super bowl weekend will prove to be a quiet one at the box office if you're looking for "the walking dead" meets "twilight" then "warm bodies" is the one you want to take. and stallone's blizzard ahead is second place. >>> speaking of stallone and the franchise's third installment including president bill clinton. that's right. stallone says maybe, just maybe, we c
Comedy Central
Feb 12, 2013 11:00pm PST
this issue anyway when we should be asking more qualified people, our action heros. >> sylvester stallone now supports a new federal assault weapons ban saying quote "like really unless you are carrying out an assault, you can't hunt with it who is going to attack your house an expletive army. >> a what army? a (bleep) army, an ass-wipe army? is it a penis army? [laughter] because if a penis army is attacking my house, i want to know. trust me, i know all their weak spots. [laughter] [cheers and applause] but kudos to stallone for speaking out against guns, and by the way don't miss his new movie "bullet to the head" in theaters now. it's like rhinestone but with bullets to the head. but sylvester stallone isn't the only actor promoting a new movie who has views on gun control. >> i think that you can't start to pick apart any of -- anything out of the bill of rights without thinking that it's all going be become undone. if you take one out or change one law then why wouldn't they take all your rights away from you. >> right, in the same way if you take away die hard 2, die hard 3 is just a c
Feb 21, 2013 4:30am EST
the odds are long, we certainly wish her good luck. >>> just ahead, action star sylvester stallone comes clean about his secret fears. >>> plus, the latest on this winter storm that could drop are two feet of snow in some areas. we're back after these quick messages. >>> welcome back. the intense portion of our winter storm is now beginning. we are getting thunderstorms in the atmosphere that are producing a lot of heavy rains in the south and oklahoma. but further to the north, it's coming down as heavy snow. now is not the time to be traveling in southern kansas. and as we go throughout all morning, this band of heavy snow, two inches an hour will fall from wichita, to up kansas city again. again, this is the snowstorm portion of the storm, from oklahoma, southern missouri to illinois. that's all ice later on today. >> thanks so much, bill. >>> it's time for entertainment. which big action star is afraid of heights? it's not swaurn, it's not willis, but stallone, the star-"coat hanger." the director said he had to slowly coax stallone to the 13,000 foot mountain they shot on. >>> "amer
Feb 1, 2013 2:00am PST
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Feb 7, 2013 4:00am PST
is sylvester stallone's "bullet to the head." > what happened there? > > $4.5 million. pretty much, numbers-wise, the worst opening of stallone's career. he had films in the '80s when the ticket prices were half as much that did better than this film. so it is a real disappointment for him and warner brothers. > it was a bust. here is what's coming up this weekend, a couple of films to look forward to: "identity thief," which has melissa mccarthy from "bridesmaids." > > she has really turned into quite a star, and i think this is going to be another good hit for universal, after they had "mama" do very well this year, i think this is going to rule the box office pretty handily with around $25 million this weekend. > you enjoyed the film? > > i haven't seen it. > you haven't seen that one, but you have seen "side effects." > > i have seen "side affects." this is steven soderbergh's latest film, and this is a really good thriller that i think people- it is a very hard movie to advertise, but i think if people give it a shot, with jude law and rooney mara, they are really going to be surprised
Feb 22, 2013 2:30pm PST
fries, i like a lot. >> if you are you hoping to see? >> i want to see sylvester stallone. >> what is the message about what afghanistan is like? we are the face of afghanistan. >> it would be a dream come true if they could head back to kabul with an oscar, but win or lee is, it would be a great adventure. would be a great adventure. >> sylvester stallone and hamburgers, i love it. we will be falling all of the oscar action of life on twitter. -- following all the oscar action live on twitter. >> funding of this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. fidelity investments. union bank. zte. ♪ >> breeding you closer -- bringing in a closer. >> your personal economy is made up of the things that matter most, including your career. and as those things change, fidelity can help you readjust your retirement plan, rethink how you are invested, and refocus as your career moves forward. wherever you are today, a fidelity ira has a wide range of investment choices that can fit your personal economy. fideli
Feb 20, 2013 12:35am EST
star. sealvester stay-lone. >> jimmy: i love sylvester stallone. i always loved "cliffhanger." that was a good one. do you have any favorite sylvester stallone movies? >> i love the row-key movies. [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: the row-key movies? >> yeah. row-key, row-key i, row-key ii, row-key iii, row-key iv but row-key v was just okay. >> jimmy: yeah, yeah, yeah. [ laughter ] you mean the "rocky" movies. they are classics. well, i can't wait to see your movie when it comes out. >> i actually brought a clip of the ak-sheon movie. the good guy is played me and the bad guy played by kyle mac-lac-lan, but i'm a little nervous. do you think the audience would like to see it? [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: do you guys want to see a clip of walter's action movie? [ cheers and applause ] this is exciting. all right. >> okay, okay, okay. roll, it dave. >> help! walter, help! >> do not worry, baby. i am here to save you. [ cheers ] >> you got the money? >> you mean the $2,000,000,000? >> yes. >> no. >> no money, no girl. >> wait, wait, wait. hold on. let me think now. wait, wait.
Feb 2, 2013 11:30pm EST
predicted it. sandy. coming up, and all take on a classic hollywood drama. sylvester stallone is back on the big screen. zombies are back on the silver screen. the hollywood legend rolls out a new action flick. arch campbell has a look at the weekend box office. is a hilarious twist on romeo and juliet. i just want to connect. not connect with people? oh, right. i'm dead. there is a hilarious the zombieion of world where they long for feeling. byt world gets rocked tries to killwho takes hernstead he back to zombie land. by the way, his name is r and ers is julie. oh my gosh. is that him? yeah. "warm bodies" is worth three stars. and is not of love. also opening is "bullet to ."e head they should've made this 30 years ago. star. >> "lincoln" four stars. gets three solid starts. great comedy. doing have stars for " django unchained." .bullet to the head" one star weekend, everybody. i'm arch campbell, abc 7
Comedy Central
Feb 11, 2013 6:55pm PST
lincoln hawk, but it turns out that sylvester stallone is so old and brittle, that it wouldn't even be a challenge at this age. that's why i decided to do the next best thing and arm wrestle the kid who played his son in over the top. michael hawk. >> ready? turn your hat around. set go! >> you got it, you got it. you got it! oh! [laughter] >> i'm a lot like tim tebow. i had a great run, but we all know i'm not ready for the pros. [laughter] tune in next week for our first ever web reunion with alan thicke and the crystal light dancers. 23 years they had been apart. i brought them back together. what have you done? [laughter] make sure you follow me on twitter so we can live chat during the shows. check out my tour schedule and make sure you keep up with our daily blog at and on that blog, i will make sure to have a link so you can see that unblurred man meat. [laughter] and finally, avatar has made over a billion dollars. i wouldn't mind a taste of that sweet action, so i thought i'd translated our closing credits into na'vi and made them 3-d. so everyone,
Feb 25, 2013 4:00am PST
of "rocky" and "raging bull" duke it out, you have got your wish. fit looking sylvester stallone and robert de niro filming a comedy about two old rivals who get back in the ring for one last bout. do you want to see it? >> for the hilarity of it. since it's a comedy. they won't take themselves too seriously. >> taking it to that level at this stage in their careers would be fun. >> i'm richard lui. this is "early today," just your first stop of the day today on your nbc station. >>> these impressive sculptures may be edible, but you may not want to bite into one. made entirely out of butter, these beautiful sculptures come in all kind of dazzling shapes and colors. to make sure the butter stays solid, monks at a chinese monastery keep their hands cold in icy water while working. the sculptures can take up to three months to create. >>> cities across taiwan ended the lunar new year with a bang. a giant lantern was the centerpiece at the biggest festival to kick off the year of the snake. other celebrations saw the release of hundreds of paper lanterns and a flurry of bottle rockets and fire
Feb 25, 2013 2:30am PST
stallone and robert deniro are currently filming a boxing movie. >>> i thought adele looked great. >> she looked stunning and i thought jennifer hudson looked fantastic. >>> this is "first look" on msnbc. stay tuned "way too early" starts right now. ♪ >>> a big night at the ors oscars, ben affleck and "argo" takes home the academy awards' top honors. they were told by none other than first lady michelle obama. she's pretty busy. she did fallon awith mom dancin. >>> this is "way too early." before we get to the other top news of the world, we want to recap last night's academy awards. argo beat films like "lincoln" and silver linings playbook. a bit of redemption for affleck who was passed over best director, which went to ang lee for "lie of pi." "lincoln," though, had its day in the sun, as daniel day-lewis earned his third academy award for best actor. jennifer lawrence might have enjoyed her best actress win for "silver linings playbook" if she hadn't take an spill on her way to the stage. she didn't let that incident get her down. >> thank you. you guys are just standing up because
Feb 1, 2013 4:30am PST
sylvester stallone. guess what happened? nothing. then at christmas time i got one check for $100 from tom brokaw and then i saw my climbing ger and i sold it and i sold my car for $500 that i got from my grandfather in a seedy area in oakland. by string i o spring i had only $2,400. my mother invited me to come and talk to the kids. when i got ready to leave, a fourth grader named jeffery looked me in the aye and he said i've got a piggy bank at home and i'm going to help you build that school. west side school raised 65, 300 pennies. it wasn't the celebrities or the sports heroes or movie stars or if i lan throw pears but children reaching out to children half way around the world to help them build a school. what can you buy with a penny the bay area? probably nothing. in montana you can buy 1/2 tootsie roll. but in afghanistan you can buy a pencil. it's not that's so important but education gives a child hope. you know, if you fight tear riz her rorism it's based in fear but the real enemy is ignorance that bleeds hatred. here in america, afghanistan, africa or pakistan. the way to o
Feb 4, 2013 5:00pm PST
. >> john: today democrats and republicans awoke to a world where sylvester stallone is to the left of harry reid on assault weapons. and many believe that the protection means protect protecting consumers were bankers. and millions of viewers tuned in to watch beyonce sing at the super bowl. this is the birthday of rosa parks, george romero, dan quayle, and george washington was elected president by the electoral college. it was unanimous which meant that george was never forced to produce a photo of him skeet shooting. this is "viewpoint." [ ♪ music ♪ ] good >> john: good evening i'm john fugelsang coming up, senate republicans show their love for the finance industry by working to weaken consumer financial reform. but first, president obama took his push for new gun control laws on the road in the latest of a series of campaign-stale events the president spoke in front of police officers and sheriff's deputies in minneapolis. and he urged americans to write to congress to back what he described at four common-sense measures to help stop gun violence. >> obama: they don't really have
FOX News
Feb 4, 2013 1:00pm PST
stallone should check out his own movie. watch. >> i take out the trash. every move heat hard to get at. i'm a people person. >> okay. let's called bullet to the head. the name of the movie and he is pushing gun control. jamie says this is hollywood hypocrisy at its finest or worst. >> it's one of those things. if you have a movies glorifying guns and violence, which i think sylvester stallone is the epitomy0. probably not the best spokesperson for gun control. you see other places in hollywood. you have a lot of hollywood stars who themselves have body guards or body guards to protect their children, who often carry guns, speaking out for gun control. so, these type of things often tick off a lot of americans who are lawful gun rights owners, wondering why people in hollywood look down on them with scorn when they themselves are using guns. >> are you related to harvey wine do -- win steen? >> i am nose. >> these guys race a lot of money for president obama and make pretty darn violent films do they not? >> absolutely. >> would this be considered hollywood hypocrisy when they're making ve
Feb 17, 2013 7:30am PST
. the governor has been out in the spotlight probably more than sylvester stallone. now he's looking better than stallone these days. what's up? >> i'm hearing he's going around the state doing speeches and people are saying, jerry is something he's never used to be. personable, friendly. he's sounding more like his dad out there on the trail. >> keep in mind jerry sets the whole tone for wherever he is. it's not something that's invited him. he comes in and without any relevance, they took other than himself and where he happens to be. he does the job that you need to do. it's a combination of bill clinton and eastwood. >> right. so you don't know -- i've watched it. you don't know when he walks in the room or takes the stage whether he is going to be eloquent or like you said half off the wall talking to an empty chair. but whatever it s people are going to be riveted and trying to figure out what it is he's doing. and he's clever enough to have picked up a phrase from the local newspaper or some other place and he has an enormous capacity to recall
Feb 1, 2013 5:00am EST
at the movies. he's been an action hero since the 1970's. sylvester stallone is back. he plays a new orleans hit man who performs an unlikely alliance with a d.c. police detective in order to bring down the man who killed both of their partners. do you like shakespeare? do you like zombies? then you might get a kick out of warm bodies. one of the undead finds himself feeling a human attraction towards a teenager. those emotions could be turning him back into one of us. and romeo and juliet. a trio of oscar winning actors star in standup guys. al pacino plays a man who has just gotten out of prison. the "u.s.a. today" reviewer renamed this butch cassidy and the sun dance grandpa. >> who's not aging in that group? >> all of them. >> that's hysterical. sylvester stallone has been an action figure forever. his face is only ten years old. >> he does look pretty good. >> thanks, monika. >>> many people have no interest in watching the super bowl. instead they tune in for the commercials. >> we talked with one of the experts who tracked which ads score and which alds get sacked. -- ads get sacked. >>>
FOX Business
Feb 4, 2013 9:20am EST
of business. sylvester stallone has his worst box office debut in 30 years. his movie "bullet to the head" coming in sixth place. has the taste toward violent movies fundamentally shifted? that is next. with fidelity's new options platform, we've completely integrated every step of the process, making it easier to try filters and strategies... to get a list of equity option.. evaluate them with our p&l calculator... and execute faster with our more intuitive trade ticket. i'm greg stevens and i helped create fidelity's options platform. it's one more innovative reason serious investors are choosing fidelity. now get 200 free trades when you open an account. stuart: sylvester stallone's new film "bullet to the head" made it the worst open film for a stallone movie in more than 30 years. does this mean maybe after newton that the public taste is beginning to turn lower? >> absolutely. let's look at the title, "bullet to the head." what kind of a title is that? stuart: will it make hollywood retreat a little? >> if they keep losing money on these films, they will change very quickly. i look
Feb 1, 2013 7:00am EST
that like schwarzenegger gets, stallone gets as far as this franchise? it's pretty awesome. >> reporter: yeah, i think bruce willis is respected more in the acting element. he's a better actor than arnold and sly in my opinion. the movie comes out on valentine's day, which is awesome. >> definitely a chick flick. >> reporter: yeah, exactly. >> let's talk about other releases. "warm bodies." it's an interesting take on the zombie thing, right. how was it? it's comparable to twilight twilight. you have a human being falling in love with a zombie. it's a rom com. the character meets a human being and falls in love with her, and that love sparks him to become more human, which is face nateing. it has an interesting social commentary how we become zombies, on our cell phones and interacting with e-mails and text. it's slow in the middle, but i think it's a perfect date movie. fun for teenage audiences. twilightesque type crowd. and the actors are great. it's very witty, very ever and well written. i gave it a 3.5 out of 5. i recommend it. >> i do like the trailer a lot, like when she's prete
Feb 16, 2013 4:30am PST
for the 80s action star. sly stallone's bombed in theaters, but give these guys a break, right? >> yeah, and you know what? they're working on expendables 3, so you're going to see all those action stars together again. there's a "rambo v" out there. we are going to keep watching they keep making money. people want to see them. so you like seeing these old action stars you remember from maybe going to see it when you were in high school. and these guys really like doing it. and it's nice there's kind of like a tongue in cheek aspect of it too. they know they're kind of reliving these movies and people love watching them. why not? make them if people are going to watch them. >> wasn't there like a "jaws viii"? >> they can keep going. >> great to talk to you. >> thank you. >>> well, ahead, can fashion's bad boy john galliano, a designer, can he make a comeback and a redemption after a public rant that got a conviction? >>> i'm dr. sanjay gupta. this week on the next list, meet ed lue he's building a space telescope. he says it's going to protect the earth from asteroids. >> this is the se
Feb 17, 2013 8:30am PST
. brown has been in and out of the spotlight over the years probably more times than sylvester stallone, but he is looking pretty good. why? >> jerry brown comes in and without any other relevance than himself and where he happen to be he does the job of what he has to do, a combination of bill clinton and eastwood. >> right. so, you don't know when he walks in the room or takes the stage whether he is going to be eloquent or like you said, half off the wall talking to an empty chair, but whatever it is people will be rivetted trying to figure out what he is doing. >> and he is clever enough to have picked all phrase from the local news reporter and he has the enormous capacity to recall the history of california. almost every place he stopped he puts an uncle somebody on. >> more than anybody else the dna of california is in his bones. he understands the state and goes around the state and is able to connect. >> what about the dynamic of california right now that allowed him to set the agenda up there rather than his fellow democrats or the ambition people in the republican comm
Jan 31, 2013 5:00pm PST
grande. >>vamos a los Ángeles, co. >>lleno de estrenos, regresa s l silvester stallone, filadelfie n nuevoa a orlenans. >>silvester stalonne protagoniza esta pelicual, Ícula, luego de a su compaÑero de policÍa, se ve o o obligado a hacer una alianza a para derrotar a su enemigo >>es un tÍo cool que anhelas ver y te cuenta tans tas hiswtoria p ,pa,p ,aprendes mucho de el. >>una vez filadelfiterminaban i filadelfiafila filatinoamÉricaafilatmar se iban a descansar o trabajar >>yo me iba d efiesta, disfrute de la ciudad al maximo. >>al pacino y pelÍcula, luego de cumplir co e condena, se reÚne dcon un viejo amigo, con la idea de recupeara los viejos tiempos, para que uno de ellos cumpla su uÚltimo debe, matar a su amigo del alma >>y esta es una comedia r romagnolromant romantica, un zombi aoklantorm., >>bueno, juchmucho humor negro lo pueden ver. veremos muchas mÁs cintas este a aÑo, amor adolescente, generos d entre seres fant'asticos y humanos. >>madagascas r nen estreno tamÉ, no olvide visitar univisiÓn. com seccion cine, por mi parte es o todo. >>bueno, realizaron la
Feb 1, 2013 5:00pm PST
para evitar accidentes. el sur del sylvester stallone con 51 grados. es todo de mi parte, continuamos con mÁs de "primer impacto." ♪ ♪ >>> continuando con nuestra campaÑa, la salud comienza aquÍ vamos con cecilia que estÁ en vivo desde los Ángeles donde muchos estÁn pendientes de la reforma de salud. adelante. buenas tardes. >>> asÍ es, y estÁn pendientes porque casi 6 millones de hispanos que no tienen seguro podrÍan ser elegibles para recibir cobertura, lo que estamos seguro que cambiarÁ su vida, pero todavÍa hay dudas sobre el obama care, quiere responder algunas de las de ustedes. >>> desde 1998 marilina tuvio serios problemas con su salud. >>> me detectaron un cÁncer, me dio un stro tambiÉn, despues una parÁlisis y todavÍa tengo secuelas. >>> desafortunadamente no contÓ con un seguro de salud porque no lo puede pagar, y por tener dos trfeo no califica para obtener ayuda del gobierno. de entrada me dicen que no califico. casos como el de ella se repiten en muchas partes y son millones los que tienen que sobrevivir con sus males y terminando en la sala de emerge
Feb 14, 2013 4:00am PST
't matter. despite schwarzenegger and stallone's films having kind of bombed the last couple weeks, this at least has a brand to it, and people will show up for the new "die hard" movie, and then they will start telling their friends that it is no good. > what about "beautiful creatures?" this is for the younger generation, and i think they are going to turn out for this one, erik. > > it is possible. it's another one of these sort of young adult novels that has romance and magic, and this one has witches instead of vampires or wizards or that kind of thing. i think it will probably do along the lines of what "warm bodies" did a few weeks ago, kind of did around the $19, $20 million range. so i think it is going to do ok. > do you think love will still be in the air for melissa mccarthy in "identity thief" over the weekend? > > quite a huge weekend for the movie. we thought it was going to do well. we were probably a little bit conservative on it. it did $34.5 million over the weekend. > this is a stellar start. > > it is a very good start. this is melissa mccarthy's really sort of
Feb 1, 2013 9:00pm CST
minutes stallone survivor a store employee was able to give a good enough description to produce these sketches of the gunman police even have his voice captured on a cell phone call to 911 from. the photos of the victims are posted on the wall when you walk inside the packed headquarters three full-time investigators worked the case along with the state police analyst. i stop and talk to my investigators to see where we are going this year there have been 87 leads called then more than 67 total since the murders investigators have gone as far as london to check new fingerprint technology on showcasing as the village has been nearly $2 million still no suspects. yet there is hope. do the right thing for the victim, 33 year-old kerry was a flossmoor high school social worker a park bench in oak forest 22 year-old sarah, high- school scholarships were also awarded in her name. she had her entire life in front of her and it was senselessly taken away. 37 year-old connie left behind two sons for hamilton the anniversary was even more difficult his birthday is february 3rd one day af
Feb 2, 2013 11:00pm EST
harris, michael phelps, sylvester stallone and a lot of current and former nfl players of course. the super bowl, with the big game around the corner, many party hosts are out there making one last run to the store to stock up on all the goods. our ken molestina shows us what hungry football fans are blitzing the supermarkets for tonight. >> reporter: even the snow couldn't keep party pro scras nateers from -- procrastinators from rushing to the store to pile up for the game. this supermarket had it, from assorted party plates, balloons, chips, cook considers, they overstocked in anticipation of hungry football fans making a last minute dash to prepare for the party. they even had ravens colors, something these fans enjoyed. >> i'm having a couple for dinner. >> because the redskins didn't make it, the next best thing is the ravens. i'm going for the ravens. >> reporter: a couple of weeks ago there was a big rumor that there was a chicken wing shortage. thankfully, it was just that, a rumor. that's a good thing because chicken wings are still atop the list of some of the most pop
Feb 25, 2013 9:00am EST
abusing and continuing to build illegal settlements on stallone land. that infuriates a lot of people. that is the cancer in the middle east we're having to defend against. we're having to do that with our tax dollars. would it be better to change our state department policy and federal government policy? i know this is out of your loan, but it is all connected. we do not need to be sending troops abroad supporting dictatorial regimes that supply oil to our allies. we do not need the oil. we get less than 10% of our oil from the middle east. host: we get the point. we want to see if our guest has anything to add. guest: that might fit into the type of discussions sequestration was designed to prompt, the idea of how we're spending money. can we cut back in some areas to avoid across-the-board cuts? if it is federal spending, it is a question that would be included in that discussion. host: al is on the line from toledo, washington, democratic caller. caller: i spent 30 years in the military as an enlisted man. i work on war plans. i started when i was 24. these military members are ex
Feb 1, 2013 11:00am EST
take out the trash. >> sylvester stallone teams up in "bullet to the head." along the way he meets up with district cop taylor kwan who is out to aadvantage his right and man. it's rated "r." an even older cast of characters getting together for no good fun in "stand up guys." alpha keno and christopher walk ken but things get complicated. standard guys is rated "r." finally, a zombie finds love in warm bodies. nicholas holt is say member of the walking dead but when he lays eyes on teresa palmer, gets all warm inside. he decides to save her. "warm bodies" is rated pg-13. >>> you may have noticed a lot of people wearing red today february 1st is the american heart association's wear red today. it's an effort to bring awareness to one of the greatest health threats to women. thanks to the american heart association more than 600,000 lives have been saved. heart disease is the number one killer of women. >>> coming up, we get you ready for the super bowl. from the coaches to ♪ [ female announcer ] at yoplait, we want you to feel even better about your favorite flavors. so when you cal
Feb 18, 2013 11:35pm PST
with celebrities. how many celebrities? >> 6,000, 7,000. there he is with oprah. sylvester stallone. there he is with kristen stewart. all the big stars. you should be great at this. contestants. i would like you, you are blindfolded. tonight yaya is going to describe each nominee the best he can. >> jimmy its that jackie chan and oprah? >> jimmy: no that is not. you are off off to a great start. your job is to guess which actor yaya is describing without him saying his or her name. he will give you clues without revealing the name, yaya. do not say the name under any circumstances. >> okay. i promise. but sometime i forget. >> jimmy: don't forget. it is a game show. are you ready to do this? yaya, are you ready. $100 for each correct answer. who ever buzzes first gets to answer. let's start with the first nominee. it is. >> the guy, daniel day-lewis. >> jimmy: okay, now. do you want to guess, johnny? >> daniel day-lewis. [ applause ] >> jimmy: we're off to a bad start. yaya. going to ask you not to say the name. 50/50 after. okay. >> jimmy: now he has to pay you. all right. contestant number
Feb 21, 2013 5:00pm PST
stallone. is there a sense newtown will change things? or weak legislation will pass and it won't be a serious issue until the next five or six shootings? >> as long as the american people maintain their engagement and make sure their voices are being heard directly to the members of congress, we'll see substantive change. i think we've gone a long way as a country to talk about no longer in vague terms of gun control or supporting the second amendment, things i don't quite understand but talking about the specifics like background checks and clip sizes those are real policies that when you break it down specifically, the vast majority of us support that. >> john: you would think the late president reagan's assault for the ban in 1994 would have a bit more sway among conservative voters. maybe it will. vice president biden is saying america is ready for change but senator john mccain seems to think that some action might not even be possible. you might have heard this clip already. at a town hall yesterday a woman whose son was killed in the aurora, colorado, movie theatre shoot
Feb 4, 2013 6:00am PST
comes a predator from a helicopter. oops. now, and this is the final mail. sill vister stallone -- sylvester stallone supports the assault weapons ban. when rambo supports the assault weapons ban you've lost the fight. 58 minutes after the hour. right back on "the stephanie miller show." [ ♪ theme ♪ ] >> stephanie: all right. hour number three. hello, jacki schechner. >> hello. >> stephanie: oh, come on. you know you want to dance. come on, come on! ♪ all the single ladies ♪ ♪ all the single ladies ♪ >> you can't see it. >> i didn't like that version last night though. it didn't have the pep that this version has. >> stephanie: it was something with the sound quality. >> she could let them each sing a line. >> stephanie: then she shoved them into the bleachers. >> your mics are a little lower than mine but help me with this. >> stephanie: i thought they were going to be bringing her water and stuff. >> they both looked great though. >> they did. >> that may have been part of the problem. because they're just too pretty, go away. >> stephanie: meow. here's jacki schec
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Feb 15, 2013 11:00am EST
, stallone and sports a nader now well into their 60s. bruce willis trying to divide this trend. starring in his bid die hard film. twenty-five years after the first one. the washington post calling bruce armed and ludicrous. it may not matter. only 40% of the films were overseas way back in the first one. 70% maybe for this one. it seems like, meanwhile, we thought the internet would devour the media business. now spending billions buying back their own stock. cbs a billion dollars in stocks. comcast $2 billion or in buybacks at this year. the bad news, you wasted money if your shares tumbled later. why not invest that cash in new things. sandra: one of forbes fastest growing companies reported revenues up 27%. dennis: first, here is a stock to watch. works on industrial lasers. rising 3%. stocks selling off. a frequent guest on markets now says this stock fell off and is overdone. it has little competition. we will be right back. ♪ dennis: one of america's 25 fastest-growing tech companies. up 27% over a year ago. the stock soaring up 17% today on blockbuster earnings results. you hav
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